Post a day, why not?

Today I received an email from They have just announced a daily post challenge for 2011. That’s interesting.

I have another blog called In that blog, I post everyday, sometimes twice a day. It’s all about the tech stuff on Facebook, Twitter and blogging or some insights that I like to share.

I remembered when I started blogging. It was in October 2007 and at The first post was a simple “hello world”. And that’s all. No more post until February 2010.The push for blogging was from I was intrigued by the idea of email a post. So I signed up for Posterous and started emailing posts.

At this point, I did have a WordPress account too and it wasn’t active. I was also switching between Posterous and Blogger. Finally I decided on having a self hosted blog.

I was also evaluating between Joomla and Drupal. That was so technical and tough. All I wanted was a simple and yet powerful blogging platform. I don’t want to spend more that half the time learning or tweaking the anything.

Blogger was a serious contender. Why? The Blogger theme was highly customizable, in fact you can even create your own theme. You can run ads, any ads on Blogger.

I also have a blog on

Blogger could have nearly been my choice platform. The reason I didn’t choose it was because it allows bloggers to modify the themes. I prefer a clean look and blogger looks like GeoCities. Even MySpace have cleaned up their theme.

Then on May 2011, I finally made a decision on which platform to pour in all my resources. It was in a self-hosted And so was born.

About a month ago, I was evaluating all the blogs that I have. I don’t want to spread myself too thin as blogging isn’t my bread and butter.

I decided to only concentrate on 3 blogs:

  1. – which will be updated every day,
  2. – My financial planning advice blog on It’s mostly in Malay, and,
  3. – This blog. My personal view on life and things that happen around me.

What about the other blogs on other platforms? I’ve decided to put all of them in cold storage.

I was contemplating on the frequency to post and since have this daily challenge, why not?