How to Blog Daily


It’s the 7th day of the year. And in that span of time, I felt like I have written the most in a week.

I’m maintaining 3 blogs at the moment and thinking of setting up another. The 4th will be a multi-author blog.

Number of post for the week (including scheduled)

A total of 22 post spread over three blogs. An average of 3 per day.

Some did ask how I did it. I did it because I’m hooked and I love to write stuff.

Method to my madness

Midnite Madness
Method to Madness

Yes there’s a method to it. First, you got to love writing, no matter what. You write every time and anywhere.

Here are the methods and tools that I use:


I have in my pocket a notebook. Yes those little small notebooks. What do I do with? I jot down ideas that come about. I write about what I see around me. I write what had just happen.

It’s all jumble up. The only structure is that every entry starts off with a time and date stamp.

Bookmarking Internet Site


Next, the internet is a very distracting place. You have your Facebook, Twitter, Email and many more stuff that scream for attention. On top of that you need to read other blogs as well.

I gave up using my browser bookmarking function. Some of the links there are years old. I don’t even know if the websites still exists.

Instead I use You should try it.

It allows you to bookmark, highlight and stick a post-it note on any web page and you can tag your bookmarks. I use tags to organize relevant articles from websites all over.

For example, I want to write about “How color affects your mood and personality”. I’m not a color expert. I will do a search for it. Read what comes out and bookmark the articles using the tag, “Color Personality”.

After gathering all the info, I reinterpreted it back to my understanding and how does it work in reference to me. Then I’ll start a blog post.

Reduce frivolous social media interaction

Every other so-called “social media experts” are advocating using social media more. That results in too much distraction.

Majority of users in Facebook are re-bloggers or curators. Next would be marketeers, those pesky people who uses their personal profile to unceasingly promote their products.

Only a few are original thinker.

To that end, I’ve reduced checking on status updates of Facebook. Even if I did check, I use Facebook Friend list to quickly check on people who I care about.

Read thousands of headlines fast using RSS

A thousand words
A thousand words
I read up a lot more using RSS feeds of interesting sites.

Why RSS? It allows me to skim stuff fast. I read stuff with headlines that stand out. That’s why you must write your headline like a newspaper.

Does the headline compels people to click and read? Will it make people buy the newspaper.

Yesterday, I posted a video. It was about a talk given a particular Ms Lesley Hazleton. I don’t even know who she is until that day.

I could have just used the title “A woman talks about the beauty of the Quran”, or “A lecture on the beauty of the Quran”.

Those are ho-hum headlines.

Virgins 72 of them as told by a Jew” was the title. That will attract far more people. The headline must grab you.

Less TV time

This one’s easy. I don’t subscribe to cable and Singapore television programming are always outdated. It’s always showing old shows and lots of variety shows.

For me I hardly watch TV. Now even though the content is online, I’ve yet to watch an episode.

Scheduling time

If you’ve done most of the things listed, it becomes so much easier to post an article daily.

On the average, I can write a post within an hour with pictures or videos. I don’t make the video or go out with a camera, I use stuff that people are willing to share.

Blogging is not my main source of income. I have a consulting practice. I have a family with 4 kids and two are of them are teenagers.

I tend to write early morning or late evenings. Sometimes I post to the blog immediately though oftentimes I scheduled it to a future date and time.

Happy Blogging daily

Blogging Makes Me Happy!
Blogging Makes Me Happy!

There you have it. That’s how I do my blogging. There’s never a lack of idea. My main challenge is always time.

I always try to put up content that’s interesting or informative or educative. When I started blogging, it was terrible.

Hang in there. Start with posting once a week,  to 2 times a week and gradually increase it to daily or more.

Happy blogging daily.